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Product Instructions

1. The compressor must be installed in the direction opposite to the horizontal plane as shown in the main view. Please do not remove the plug while installing, so as to avoid refrigerated oil leakage; 
2. The compressor should be sealed with 0.005MPa-0.015MPa dry nitrogen gas when it leaves the factory. If there is no positive pressure in the compressor when being opened, please notify the supplier before using it;
3. The compressor should be installed into the system and vacuumized within 10 minutes after opening the intaking/venting plugs (including pressure plate and sealing plug); 
5. The compressor shell and vehicle body should be reliably grounded; 
6. The installation thread of compressor pipeline is M6, with thread depth of 13 mm. The thread is required to be screwed in the depth of 10-12mm, and the tightening torque is 10-13Nm; 
7. Stick to the definition of power supply and signal interface on the drawings; reversed grafting is forbidden, otherwise the control part of the compressor may be damaged; 
8. Lift, pull and drag the power and signal lines of the compressor is strictly forbidden, those actions may cause poor contact and affect the compressor; 
9. Use dry nitrogen or air to detect the air tightness of the compressor, while oxygen is forbidden to be used, otherwise the compressor may explode;   
10. Condenser fan and evaporator fan of the system are better being operated before the compressor is started. Condenser fan and evaporator fan must be postponed to turn off after the compressor is stopped; 
11. The compressor electrical connection should be strictly in accordance with technical requirements. The positive and negative stages of high-voltage power supply cannot be grafted reversely, the definitions of low-voltage ports connectors need to be coherent; 
12. The whole vehicle needs to have a pre-charge circuit for the compressor to protect the whole vehicle circuit. The controller itself has a pre-charge circuit; 
13. In order to protect the compressor, the evaporator must be installed with a temperature sensor, which can stop the compressor under the condition of low evaporation temperature; 
14. In order to protect the compressor, high-voltage protection switch and low-voltage protection switch must be installed in the air-conditioning system pipeline;
15. In order to protect the compressor, the air-conditioning system must have sufficient refrigerants and lubricants, and contain no air, moisture or foreign matter.
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