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Common questions

Q1. How many installation methods does compressor have?  
ANSWER: 1. Installation methods: base fixed 2. Hole fixed+base fixed 3. Hole Fixed
Q2. How many refrigerants are suitable for compressors?
ANSWER: General classification of refrigerants: inorganic compounds, organic compounds, mixtures (azeotropic and non-azeotropic)  
Inorganic Compound Refrigerants: add Integer Part of the Relative Molecular Weight of Inorganic Compounds to R700 
NH3 (ammonia)       H2O (water) CO2 (carbon dioxide)
Molecular weight  17 18 44 
No. R717 R718 R744
Organic compound refrigerants:
R134a (tetrafluoroethane) chemical formula is CH2FCF3.
Mixed refrigerants (azeotropic and non-azeotropic):            
The number of azeotropic refrigerant mixtures is R5, starting from R500, such as R501, R502, etc. 
The number of non-azeotropic refrigerants is R4, such as R404a, R407C, R410, etc. 
R404A is a non-azeotropic refrigerant composed of HFC125, HFC-134a and HFC-143. 
R407c is a ternary non-azeotropic refrigerant composed of R32, R125 and R134a in proportion of 23:25:52.
Q3. What does PWM control mean? 
ANSWER: CAN control: The compressor uses CAN bus protocol to communicate with the air-conditioning system controller, sending information like compressor start-stop, rotation speed, fault information, status information etc. Compressor start-stop, operation and information feedback can be controlled by this way. 
PWM control: The compressor receives PWM duty cycle signal sent by the air conditioning system controller to adjust the speed, thus realizing the frequency conversion and speed regulation function. 
Fixed-speed control: The compressor runs at a fixed speed (e.g. 3000rpm, 4000rpm etc.) and controls the start and stop of the compressor with high-voltage ON/OFF or low-voltage ON/OFF.