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Real, Sincere, Genuine
Benling Create a Green Home Together With You
By adopting new technologies, new materials as well as new processes, the performance and service life of the electric scroll compressor produced by BLSC have reach the advanced level of similar foreign products. Characterized by small size, light weight, high energy efficiency ratio, low noise and long service life, our quality levels are industry-leading, and our products are widely used in hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles and engineering vehicles. 
As new energy vehicles are driven by national policies and electric scroll compressors are undoubtedly the essential refrigeration power for new energy vehicles, they will have an extremely important position in the development of new energy electric vehicles in the future and their market scale will be immeasurable. Shanghai Benling Scroll Compressor Co., Ltd. will also usher in a new era in the new energy industry. Being real, sincere, genuine, Benling will create a green home together with you.